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A new model for publishers
Forget everything you know, BeOp is a unique conversational solution that works with a semantic engine (without cookies 🍪) in a new location on your pages
Our 3 building blocks
Direct sell these units and/or let BeOp backfill for you
Capture user data and insights for your CRM and DMP
Enable editorial or sales dialogue on your pages
For the sales house
Generate revenue
Sell it or let us sell it: you win either way
Higher eCPM: higher CTR, completion and time spent
Premium direct-sold CPMs with BeOp backfill
Pretest your campaigns
Brand lift
Time spent on formats
Interaction rate
The simplest self-serve ad platform out there
Manage all your campaigns & creatives from our platform. A child could use it.
Privacy by default. No cookies required.
Our technology uses contextual targeting to deliver your campaigns. When the third-party cookie dies, nothing will change.
Forecast your semantic targeting
Learn in real time how many people you can reach with your keyword-based targeting.
For the marketing team
The simplest solution to feed your behavioral and declarative databases
Get deeper insights on your users behavior
Deliver data and insights directly into your DMP or CRM
Incentivize your users to fill their profiles
Poll, ask, sell, teach, learn and gather data and insights
Each creative is a rich, interactive experience that can collect data for your toolchain (CRM, DMP…).
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Address anyone
Whether you are seeking a large or precise audience, leverage our semantic engine to reach the right audience using keywords. Easy.
Already integrated with your favorite tools
We're integrated with CRM and DMP tools, and we provide generic connections with Webhooks and custom client-side calls.
Enrich your first-party data (CRM, DMP)Name →Demographics →Email →← Preferences← Interests← Opinions
For the editorial team
Finally a simple tool for your editorial team that allows them to gather user input and feedback
Increase time spent on page
Drive traffic to article pages
Acquire customers for subscriptions and newsletters
Spent time
on BeOp formats
Interaction rate
Average calculated on BeOp editorial conversational formats between Jan. and June 2020
Wonderful creatives and user experiences
Create incredible units in seconds, or get inspired with our template library. Everything is fully customizable.
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Inline creative editor
No matter the CMS, adding a creative to your page is one click away.
Add creativeSurveyCarouselDuelNewExisting
Broadcast creatives on all your websites
Pick some keywords, URLs, slots, our content-server will place your creatives in the right context.
And more…
📚 Template library
📝 Plug & play SDK
⚡️ 100 PageSpeed score
🌍 Multisite
📊 Report generation
🎨 Full customization
🧑‍💻 Team management
🆗 Built-in consents
🎯 External tracking
🎞 Full media support
📄 Data exports
📣 Ad Network ready
Sandra Ferlotti
“BeOp is the efficient solution we kept! Easy and fun, it answers the group's various branches expectations: marketing, advertising, community management and editorial. Not to mention the tech service who was really happy to add a single script that enables so many possibilities: surveys, quizzes, personality tests, weekly question ... so go with BeOp 😉”
Sandra Ferlotti
Digital Business Developer at Mondadori
Lou Grasser
“BeOp: innovative conversational formats with data that enables us to generate maximum engagement with our readers. It's also the possibility to enrich our databases and audience segmentation thanks to the possible integrations with our all of our partners.”
Lou Grasser
Head of Subscription Innovation at Le Monde
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