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BeOp and Havas Media support Hyundai Motor France in its ambition to adapt its digital communication strategy to the new usages of the French
Press Release
Nicolas Sadki
Nicolas Sadki

Press release
Paris, October 27th, 2020

The worlds 5th largest automaker chooses BeOp conversational advertising solution

BeOp, a platform for the creation of conversational and interactive contents, pursues its growth and attracts new advertisers. Under the guidance of its agency Havas Media, Hyundai Motor France reiterates its trust in BeOp and chooses this innovative approach. BeOp shakes up the market KPIs by offering advertisers a solution that clearly lifts the performances of their communication campaigns on media websites, and thus, attracts a big name in automotive design.

Hyundai and BeOp: a strategic and lasting partnership

Before calling on BeOp, Hyundai used to invest in the contemporary native solutions: display, programmatic, etc. In Q1 of 2019, Havas Media bet on advising its advertiser client, Hyundai Motor France, to choose conversational solutions by calling on BeOp’ services." This first test campaign aimed to generate qualified traffic on the website’s brand. The operation was conclusive: since January 2020, BeOp was given a monthly budget, aiming at promoting the electric ranges as well as the thermic ones.

Described as the “Best Performer“ of all of Hyundai's tactics, according to statistics and results generated from its campaigns (20% improvement of the rebound rate and +74% time spent on the brand’s website vs. other actors of the media plan), BeOp succeeded with increasing the interaction rates, simultaneously generating qualified traffic with a notable time spent on Hyundai Motor France’s website.
At the peak of its popularity, as a result, almost half of the media plan’s budget (apart from social media) is given to BeOp. Hyundai Motor France announces statistics exceeding the average that was expected. Due to the unmatched performance, almost half of the media plan’s budget (apart from social media) was given to BeOp. Hyundai Motor France announced statistics exceeding the average that was expected and renewed its trust in BeOp.

“We are honored to count Hyundai Motor France among our closest clients. Our partnership depicts the perfect use case, thus reflecting the benefits of conversational ads on the final client, in favor of the advertiser. This advertising device is —without any doubt— the best formula to measure branding ROI and KPIs of an online advertising campaign and we are happy to support Hyundai Motor France in this virtuous adventure”, Nicolas Sadki, BeOp’s co-founder.

Conversation: the most efficient ad for Hyundai

By creating conversational formats, BeOp allows interaction with visitors, as well as increased recall of the messages. Displayed at the end of the articles of BeOp’s premium media partners, advertising conversations are related to the editorial content and appear when the user is uninterrupted and ready to engage with more content. This allows editors or advertisers to engage in a conversation with the user in the most favorable moment.

Indeed, Hyundai Motor France highlights outstanding performances since the integration of BeOp’s conversational format. Time spent per session by prospects is optimized up to 74% and the bounce rate improved by 20%. In other words, users stay longer on Hyundai’s website with a time session estimated to 41 seconds thanks to BeOp, versus 23 seconds with other plan media actors. As for the interaction rate of BeOp’s creatives, it can exceed 1.50%.

“Above all, adapt ourselves to the new usages of the French! The issue for a "game changer" like Hyundai through digital advertisement is a dual challenge: to get visible and to engage. The conversational advertising offered by BeOp is a real response to this dual issue. All the more when it concerns hybrid and electric cars. Indeed, French people question themselves more and more on these electrified motorizations and need to interact with the brands before going for a trial on a point of sale. Thanks to the Odyssey format, which is based on fun key success factors, our goal of discovering models is complete, thus allowing to lift the brake on electric and hybrid technologies and letting our Hyundai models to be considered. In the end, BeOp's conversational platform allowed us to measure a 20% growth of the click rate on these devices.”, Clémentine Antunes, Head of Brand, Strategy and Communication at Hyundai Motor France

About Hyundai Motor France

Hyundai Motor France became a subsidiary on January, 3rd, 2012. In 2019, they registered 39 970 license plates. Thanks to a large range of reliable, innovative, cheap to run and environment-friendly cars, perfectly responding to clients’ expectations, Hyundai is now a generalist carmaker. Each of the 16 models that form ranges, urban cars, sedans, or recreational vehicles, stand out thanks to their unique comfort, an exceptional level of equipments, competitive prices and an exclusive 5-year guarantee unlimited mileage. However, Hyundai in France is also an important distribution network with over 180 points of sale and services spread all over the country. They are teams of professionals, automobile enthusiasts, who understood that welcome and service are the most important things they must offer to their clients. Today, Hyundai Motor France counts 130 employees and carries on developing its structure.

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About BeOp

Following its fundraising of 6 million euros in July 2019, BeOp continues to revolutionize the advertising approach by offering advertisers a solution that clearly improves the performance of their communication on media sites by replacing all of their operations carried out at the top of the page. Redesigned from scratch, the conversational approach of BeOp technology also offers many new possibilities for communicating with audiences.
More efficient and accepted by users, semantically displayed on the articles of most French premium publishers and covering 40 million French people, BeOp is available in branches, in SAAS from the platform, from BeOp and even live editors.
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About Havas Media

Havas Media is the media network of the Havas Group, a network present in 126 countries. Havas Media France, the leading media group in France, has been able to integrate the various communication professions into a global and transversal approach. Its simplified and diversified structure establishes it as the benchmark agency, the most integrated and the most responsive on the market. Havas Media France is also deployed around a strategic process providing its clients with a unique expertise, combining data management and mastery of content strategies, to serve the growth of its clients.
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