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3 Strategies for Digital Publishers to Succeed in 2022 and Beyond
Press Release

Poool, Didomi, BeOp and SODP have come together to provide you with the 3 strategies to succeed in 2022 and beyond!

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The move from print to digital has opened up a world of opportunities for publishers, but it doesn’t come without its challenges, and the rapidly changing internet landscape is certainly putting a great deal of pressure on digital content producers today.

Tightening data privacy regulations, the end to third-party cookies, ad revenue streams no longer stable and increasingly competitive subscription markets - it really is a question of adapting to survive or no longer being able to fund the production of content.

Digital publishers need solutions to not only overcome these challenges but thrive in the long-term, establishing sustainable, predictable and elevated revenue streams that secure survival.

This white paper provides these solutions - 3 complementary strategies for digital publishers to survive and succeed in 2022 and beyond:

The challenges faced by digital publishers in 2022 Step 1: Collect compliant consent or provide a fair alternative Step 2: Build a strong, engaged membership base and increase engagement Step 3: Establish a recurring and predictable revenue stream through subscription (with best practices on reducing risks of a paywall on SEO) Combining the three strategies

1: The challenges faced by digital publishers

Life used to be fairly simple:

The more traffic The more page views The more ad impressions The more money…

But this wasn’t as straight forwards as it seems. In fact, users are more likely to be admitted to Harvard or climb mount everest than click on an advertising banner.

What used to be a stable revenue model is now under unprecedented pressure:

Thousands of digital publishers are fighting for the remaining 20% of Google & Facebook’s ad market Traffic is now roughly 50% mobile, and growing - this is important because ad revenue on mobiles is sold at a significantly lower cost and too much advertising on mobiles has...

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